gaming addiction

Video games are amazing things that have captured the imagination of billions of people around the world, since the 1970s. With the introduction with so many simple games, children from all around the planet have actually become addicted to it. Some additions are serious and summer jovial. The graphic features of these very basic program is very primitive, back in the day. But, gaming technology has actually come forward quite a bit.

gaming addiction

Gaming has also been a fantastic past Time for children, teens, adults alike. It has become very apparent that we do games have the potential to consume a very large amount of time because the players try to win the game no matter what. Today, video games actually have a lot of power, because people are always entranced by them. People do not mind spending hundreds of dollars on games that are going to play just for a couple of weeks. Video gaming addiction has been recognised as a proper addiction by a lot of official organisations. It even has similarities to compulsive gambling activities. These are basically the primary motivations for compulsive playing.

In this article, I’m going to be talking about some of the symptoms of gaming addiction. If your child is constantly gaming all the time, it might not exactly mean that they are addicted to it. It probably means they are very enthusiastic about the game that they are in love with.

gaming addiction

It is very possible for a child to who fall in love with a game that really resonates with them. Games have a way of making sure that children escape from their lives in a successful manner. A lot of children finish up with her schooling and immediately head to the gaming console, because it makes them feel really good and also because it acts as an escape from their lives.

One of the first symptoms that you will have to look out for is if your child’s behaviour has completely changed after playing these games, you will probably have to check the content that is in these games. In a lot of games, there is a lot of violence, nudity, drug abuse, sexual harassment and more. These are things that would imprint on a child and these are things that would definitely disturb them. It will end of negatively affecting their behaviour and they would be acting out inappropriately.


You should always keep an eye as to what kind of games they are playing. One of the most prevalent symptoms of gaming addiction would be the fact that your child is not able to think about anything else other than the game that they are constantly playing. If the child is that addicted to it, they will require some counselling and you will have to unplug the console immediately.

Gaming addiction is definitely not something that happens instantaneously. It is something that takes a lot of time to develop. That is why, you should do everything you can to implement some rules and regulations in your household.