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The Biggest Esport Tournaments

Esports are on the rise, and it is a tournament where everything will be jam-packed to be the best action-packed esports tournament which can allow one to find the right team. There are no playoffs that can take place, which can enable one to get the right thrill. Esports tournaments are something where people from […]

Esports Industry and How to Join an Esports Team

It is the dawn of the esports industry as today the online streaming platforms, as well as the major global tournaments, are bigger than ever. In the past decade, the esports industry has developed to become one of the most followed events around the world. Not only that, there are several esports teams that represent […]

The History and Evolution of eSports

There was a time when millions of people, all across the globe, would wait every year with bated breath for their favorite sporting events and tournaments to arrive. They would either buy tickets to these events or try to catch the action live on their television screens. Sports like badminton, lawn tennis, swimming and even […]