TLI!: The Team Liquid invitation, featuring some of North America’s Finest players was held today.

As sad as we were that we only got 3 invites, we prooved our worth on the field!

QXC defeated one of the favorites to win the tournament, NonY 2-1 to advance to the round of 8, where he lost against Louder with a 1-2 score. I was watching the final game and in my personal opinion Kevin did great, he was far ahead in the tiebreaker, had air dominance, however, Louder, who played impressively well this tournament, managed to find an opening while Kevin was expanding, sending all of his forces in one last effort to get back in the game, he succeded and so kevin was eliminated.

But it wasn’t all sad news, qxc did not dissapoint us, he did great. Rori and Paul however, took the top 2 spots of the tournament, having an ALL root final in what has been the most prestigious North American tournament yet. on his path, CauthonLuck took on Tasteless, LzGaMer and HuK. While SLush took down iNcontroL, Artosis and Louder.

In the Epic root vs root Finals, Paul took the victory home (and it was going home no matter what!) with a 3-1 over Rori. Rori did not play his best in my opinion, as he seemed rather frustrated by Paul’s dominant macro style. CONGRATULATIONS TO SLUSH, THE NORTH AMERICAN CHAMPION, CAUTHONLUCK THE RUNNER UP AND QXC OUR SEXY BEAST FOR A GREAT PERFORMANCE!

on another note, CatZ and Drewbie didn’t do so bad in the craftcup tournament themselves, that featured a decent amount of top european players;

Drewbie made the top 8 of the biggest craftcup yet, a field of 234 players! defeating players such as junni and Attero (also invited to the tli) on his path only to lose to the Finalist and recent craftcup europe winner, Jinro(also known as frozen arbiter).