Esport Tournaments

Esports are on the rise, and it is a tournament where everything will be jam-packed to be the best action-packed esports tournament which can allow one to find the right team. There are no playoffs that can take place, which can enable one to get the right thrill. Esports tournaments are something where players from Asia can enjoy their time and place exciting bets on their favorite players and teams. Here are some of the best Esports tournaments that you can watch.

The International

The International

The international is the premier DOTA 2 tournament which invites teams from all around the world. In recent years there has been 25% growth in total sales which allows one to get the right pass to the enormous fan base that it has built. The tournament has a massive prize award for about $25 million which is one of the biggest. This is an event which is organised by the Valve corporation and is held in Mercedes Benz Arena in Shanghai.

Fortnite World Cup

Arguably one of the most anticipated esports events is the Fortnight World cup which has a prize pool of around $100 million. This is also a tournament which has the largest cash prize for any esports in the world. This is a tournament which one has never seen, and developers have made many mistakes as well. There are a lot of rounds which will allow one to get the right wins for the players.

League of Legends World Championships

One of the biggest tournament which is organised by Riot Games has many professionals streaming online to get their live performances recognised in Twitch. This is a game which is popularity driven and can easily garner you global success. The Leagues of Legends World Championship is one of the biggest esports events which has the potential to steal the show from the fortnight. The popularity of this championship is unlike any other and does not seem to diminish.

Call of Duty World League

Call of Duty World League which is an annual tournament which was held to help get the world ready for the right tournament. This was a tournament which was organised by Activision publishing. They qualified for the CWL that was held in January of 2019. There will be 16 teams who will be participating and getting the prize for the $6 million. This is a game which is played in five versus five tournaments which makes it easier for the player to eliminate based on their skills. It is easier for people to participate in the games with the help of PlayStation 4 as they are also collaborating with the organisers to bring the Call of Duty World League into the gaming world.