Since the dawn of humankind, entertainment has existed in various shapes and forms. Even before languages came into existence and human beings learnt the art of communicating with each other through well-formed words, they knew how to while away their time and seek for means of recreation. Life without fun, games and sports, is futile and becomes stagnant. Entertainment, in whichever form it might be, is required for the growth and development of the world. It provides an escape from the familiar din of the cities and the mundane of our 9 to 5 jobs. In a nutshell, entertainment is a necessity of life.

Speaking of entertainment and the various forms in which it is available for human beings to pursue, gaming forms an entire industry in itself. We love playing games, and not just physical sports. Sitting within the comfort zones of one’s houses and playing our favorite games on the screen in front of us is a whole different experience altogether. Video games and gaming have a rich history; one that makes for a wonderful topic to pursue if you are even remotely interested in the domain. It might surprise you, but gaming has been around the corner as early as 1889. And over the decades, the area only assumed a better, technologically-advanced and a holistic shape. Therefore, in this vein, let us now trace the history and evolution of gaming, and look into a few tidbits about how to get started with gaming to unleash the latent gamer in you.

Gaming- A Brief History:

As we have already mentioned, gaming has been around as early as 1889, when Nintendo was founded, but it was only in 1952 when the first computer game of sorts came into being. A.S. Douglas, a British PhD scholar at the University of Cambridge, came up with the game Noughts and Crosses and ushered into the world something that would later become a phenomenon. Over the years, gaming assumed more structure, and with the arrival of the first computer language in 1964, there was no stopping to the fore of gaming.

Gaming History

The early 70s saw the first arcade games, which would later go on to become a raging affair in the world market. Children, teenagers and young adults would frequent places that would offer these arcade games. This leisure of playing arcade games and the other games that slowly came into being over the 70s and the 80s, gradually gave rise to a frenzy and more and more people, irrespective of their age, started turning to these games to bust their stress or escape from the redundancy of their lives. Gaming slowly became a hobby that people would take up and pursue.

The 90s were an exciting time in the domain of gaming. Games like Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, Doom and Warcraft began to emerge and sweep gamers off their feet. However, some of these games also caused a bit of an upheaval. Parents became more cautious and concerned about the violence depicted in some of these games like Doom and Mortal Kombat. Regulators of these games got involved in the middle and did what was necessary to tone down the violence and gore in the games. However, one must look at these controversies as a part of the development and the refinement of the domain of gaming. These minor impediments did not deter the spirit of the developers of these and several other developers. They rather, nudged them to do better and come up with games that would stand the test of time.

Evolution of Gaming- Integration of Fun and Cutting-Edge Technology:

Since the early 2000s, the structure of the gaming industry saw major tectonic shifts. Console gaming achieved a fresh new approach with the emergence of Xbox and PlayStations. Sony came up with the first PlayStation in 2000 and its competitor, Microsoft jumped into the game with its first Xbox in 2001. Sony and Microsoft, with their concept of the PlayStation and Xbox, revolutionized the domain of gaming and dialed up the game several notches. Ever since the introduction of the first Xbox and the PlayStation, Microsoft and Sony have been competing with each other and the latest PlayStation, that is, the PS5 is all set to be released this year.

Unleash the Latent Gamer In You with these Essentials:

Now that we have traversed through the various timelines of gaming, it might pique your interest to learn about a few points that you can adhere to if you are to bring the hidden gamer in you, to the fore. This section deals with the ways in which you can initiate yourself to the domain of gaming and carve a wonderful hobby out of it.

Work on Your Budget-

Even before you think of starting as a gamer, you need to work on your budget. You need to understand if you have the means to buy the gaming essentials that could help you have access to the games galore. There are several gaming gadgets and accessories that you can buy at low prices, but you need to do some research on that. This way, you will understand how much exactly you need to spend and can make arrangements for the necessary funds.

Understand the Kind of Games You Would Want to Play-


To be able to excel at being a gamer, you need to understand what your forte is. Some might be cut out for games like psychological thrillers and others might like to indulge more in games like soccer. Therefore, you must understand your niche and only then proceed to choose the right platform for playing these games.

Choose the Right Platform for the Games-

The final step to beginning your journey as a gamer is to choose the right platform for your preferred games. You must understand that not all games work seamlessly on all types of platforms. Choosing the right platforms is thus, integral and essential for the efficient functioning of the games. You need to make a call for yourself and see if what you have elected to play works better on your PC or your phone. You need to decide whether a console is the immediate requirement of the games or if your basic controls would suffice.

A Few Final Words:

Gaming, as an idea, was brought into the world to provide people with some fun and entertainment. It was meant to be taken up as a hobby. But, people have also taken the game (in all sense of the word) to different levels. There are courses offered at Universities that teach students to become successful game developers. There are eSports tournaments held every year and millions around the world make a successful living out of this fore. Therefore, gaming is now, no longer confined to being a hobby for one to pursue, but something that can carve incredible futures for interested people