The esports industry is showing no signs of slowing down and is not a professional sports tournament which can easily fill huge stadiums. There are millions of viewers who can easily tune into the games with their own battles to play their favourite games. Many investments are made, sponsorships budgets increase the developers’ agendas to get into the right sports. The industry continues to grow, and with each game, there are gaining strength they need to move forwards. But before you go ahead, a become a professional esports player. Here are certain things that you must know.

Esports or electronic sports is a professional, organised video game competition which invites people from all around the world to compete and win. This is a highly competitive arena where one can offer a large sum of money and prestige. The tournaments can range from small to local matches which is easy to fill a stadium. The Esports industry is said to be worth one billion and is estimated to grow to 38% by the next year. Although there are negative points to the games, there is still a lot of growth which one cannot deny.


A brief history

The first esports event was held back in the year 1972, where the Stamford University students were competing against each other. In the 80s there was evidence of video game tournaments where more than 10,000 people attended to play the Space Invaders Championship. There was also a time where players were much more interested in beating each other’s high score. As the gaming craze became more and more popular, the 90s era took it up, and esports was established. There were many companies who were interested in holding professional gaming tournaments. There was also one where people began to see money becoming a factor in the industry.

Later due to normalisation of gaming and the internet, it became tough. It was seen as what modern-day esports look like. There were also streaming platforms like twitch which made everything possible. People started to show interest in the game and became popular. Many tournaments took place later on, and it became more professional as more and more players were becoming professional players and earning millions with the prize money.

Key statistics

Key statistics

There are many facts and figures which has made esports a global phenomenon.

  • It is still growing as it is a billion-dollar industry which can be seen rising 38% in the next year and with already $116 million invested this does not seem far.
  • North Americans account for $345 millions of the revenue, which is generated.
  • More than $380 million people are enthusiastic, and 215 million people are occasional watchers.
  • A lot of events are held every year in major cities, which generate $59 million in tickets.