Esports in Asia

Esports is one of the most popular sports when it comes to Asia. This can be easily witnessed when we see fans praising a certain team or a tournament. There are numerous reasons for the popularity it is facing today. In this article, we are trying to understand the reason for the craze that one faces in Asia.

Ma Jae Yoon, this is one character which is commonly known from the game saviour. It is generally portrayed as a sex symbol by the media but has a large fan base in Korea. He has a pasty face and is on all billboards, commercials and credit cards. He is nothing less than a celebrity in Korea and all due to his stellar performance in computer games. There are many people who are trying to get the hang of the game, but it is important to realise that e-sports has cultural aspects to it.

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South Korea is a state of technological advancements(Watch Now) with some tension with the North and esports can out at the time of depression. Later, these games become extremely competitive and created a much stronger impact in South Korea. It also follows macroeconomic reasons for the process as in the 1990s Asia took the hit as it has some financial crisis where PCs were also sold cheap. This makes a lot of people work in broadband, giving them the right time to get their hands on these games.

Also, South Korea was beginning to gain back its international popularity, where people began to play, and people started to migrate to Korea to play the tournaments. This was initially limited to Internet Cafes as there was a lack of internet connection as there was no affordable computer initially. In 2001, 28% of the South Korean Population had internet connections which have 1/5th of the users playing games. Later with the approval of the Ministry of culture, sports and tourism KeSPA was established.

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KeSPA started with simple research and organising the right key points which can allow one to get the right success. This later started to be televised in the form of tournaments and games which ti their surprised proved to be a success. The World Cyber games later were hosted in South Korea in 2001 and were successful where it started to draw tens of thousands of players into Korea for the sake of competition. The number of internet users grew to 34,120,000 by time, and over 55% of the population was interested in games. This is where South Korea grew its success. The nation later began to change were children as well as adults aspired to become programmers or professional gamers who is also considered to be an Athlete.