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Postby Deezl » Sat Oct 20, 2012 2:52 am

ROOT Gaming is excited to announce it's official Dota 2 lineup. After months of searching, training, and patience, ROOT has finally found a five man squad with the dedication and skill to make an impact in the growing Dota 2 scene. The team is currently participating in the THOR qualifier as well as MLG's Gamebattles Dota 2 Ladder and is looking forward to competing in the next season of Starladder Pro in December. After posting excellent results under Blitz, including an 8-0 qualifier run in the ProDota league, the team is looking forward to testing the new members in bigger and tougher tournaments.

The Squad

David "KoReYa-" Kim
Alan "-ddx" Salvati
Jaron "monkeys-" Clinton
Jason "Fun" Teodosio
Luke "Brock Li" Woodyard

An introduction to the players by Paulo "CatZ" Vizcarra:

"We at ROOT Gaming are extremely happy to have a 5-man Dota 2 roster. I've had the opportunity to meet and play with our new squad and we're confident that they not only have the potential to play at the highest level, but they are all also amazing people and personalities. At ROOT we acknowledge Dota 2 as one of the biggest and greatest games ever created, and we are proud that we now have a squad that we can get behind and cheer for in competitive matches, but also get a chance to promote and play a bigger role in the development of this amazing game through them. We're eager to support and reinvest in Dota 2, creating content and opportunities for this amazing community in days to come. Congratulations to KoReYa, ddx, monkeys, Brock Li and Fun. Welcome, officially, to our family! <3"

Jaron "monkeys-" Clinton is an old friend of ROOT's players. He's played with most of the guys before on team HiiB and scrounged up a team with -ddx and KoReYa when he had a spot on Starladder Pro. That team, improvised and unpracticed, climbed all the way to Top 8.

"I am very happy to be a part of the ROOT Gaming family and hope that we can make it far in the Dota 2 scene!"

Jason "Fun" Teodosio is an all around good guy and stays true to his tag. He hails from DL4 (DotA) and STAR previously and boasts wins in practice against teams such as Na'Vi and M5.

"The players on this team aren't anything less than amazing, and I'm honestly blessed to have the privilege of playing with them. The chemistry of the team is what makes it so great. I know that playing with these guys I can play my best because we accept the mistakes that are made and are mature enough to talk it out as a team if there is a problem."

When asked for comment, Luke "Brock Li" Woodyard wrote a novel:

"I am stoked to join the ranks of the ROOT Dota 2 squad. As a driven, passionate, and self-reflective individual, it is imperative to me that any organization I represent is more than a corporate machine designed to extract profit out of people's labor. The stress of intimacy and involvement between players and fans of ROOT is its largest drawing point to me as a player (it helps a lot that it is player owned and operated, too!).

Beyond the organization, I am fortunate to spend my time with such great players both in the game and out. Jason [fun] has given me valuable perspective on my growing understanding of myself and my place in the world and has truly become one of my best friends. His in-game knowledge and attitude is unparalleled; I feel that with the strong support his knowledge and my map awareness bring, we are able to compete with anybody.

Alan [-ddx] is outrageously skilled. Although he is quiet, when he does speak he brings quality perspective to our game analysis. In game he is sort of our foundation; he is very reliable and provides steady strong play to fulfill his role, regardless of where we put him--hard lane, middle, support, it doesn't matter. The man can do anything.

Jaron [monkeys-] keeps me light-hearted by laughing at all my awful jokes. He is often our middle player, and we play very well together in dual lanes. His running jokes about my cat help relax me in game when I am over-focused. Through his stellar Pudge, Panda, and Rubick, he helps Jason and I control the pace of the game.

Dave [KoReYa-] seems to be the "celebrity" of our squad, and it shows when you watch his play. Whether we put him on Invoker or hard carry, he's what you would call a "play maker". We can count on him to farm hard and to bring home the glory in late game.

With our polite attitudes and acceptance of each others' flaws and strengths, it seems that the sky is the limit with this team. I hope to give back to the gaming community and teach them as much as they have taught me every step of the way, while giving fans something to be excited about!"

Alan "-ddx" Salvati

"I'm very happy to welcome monkeys-, Brock Li and Fun to our team. Now we can finally get the practice we need to compete at the highest level. I'm really confident with this new roster and we will do our best to put the ROOT flag on top of every tournament!"

David "KoReYa-" Kim

"I'm very excited about the new team even though most of us are new to the competitive scene. We're learning very fast and we take all of our criticism towards each other well in order to be better, which is why I believe this team will go very far in the future. The ROOT Gaming organization is awesome for sticking it out while -ddx and I formed this new squad."

It's also with great sadness that we announce that Ben "Ephiram" Wood will not be a headliner for the team. Unfortunately, Ben has a lot to do in his personal life and was unable to keep up with the team's practice schedule. Ben was a quiet star on the team, and everyone looked to him as a leader in game. His game knowledge, picks, bans and strategies helped lead the team to victory in every game they played. He was an integral part of the way ROOT played Dota 2, and he is succeeded by his close friends and former teammates.

We're very excited about this new team. Even without playing together for very long, the team is all on the same page and meshes incredibly well. We've been watching them on stream and in clan matches, and the talents of -ddx and KoReYa fit in perfectly with the attitude and style of the new guys. Dota 2 is growing incredibly quickly, and it's still just in beta. With their current attitude and enthusiasm, ROOT.Dota2 will certainly grow with it.

It kind of reminds you of ROOT in Wings of Liberty beta, huh?
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