Announcing ROOT Academy: SEED! TT1 and Fitzy leave ROOT.

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Postby Kavik » Mon Sep 09, 2013 8:01 pm


ROOT Gaming is excited to announce the founding of its very own academy, SEED! Like other Starcraft academies, SEED will sign promising SC2 players and give them the resources needed to hone their skills and develop their talent. But what sets SEED apart from other academies is the simple structure that will allow players to rank their progress amongst not only each other, but the main team as well: SEED players will participate in ROOT's internal rankings tournaments, where consistently high placements will earn promotions to the main team and a spot at the team house.

Our first three members of SEED are Arium, SolO, and NajzMajs, all of whom are very young at only 13-14 years old and have displayed strong performances on ladder. Arium had a chance to play on the mainstage at MLG Anaheim and with SolO and NajzMajs coming from Norway and Sweden, respectively, the ROOT organization will now have two players living in Europe. @2xNoodle interviewed the three players to learn more about them and their thoughts about joining the ROOT organization through SEED:

Welcome to SEED! Why don’t the three of you introduce yourselves?

Arium: Hello everyone, I am Samson "Arium" Nazaryan, a 14 year old Grandmaster Protoss that just started high school. I am ranked fairly high on the NA ladder, usually around rank 30 Grandmasters League. I live around SoCal, so I go to the LAN's around here, although unfortunately I haven't been able to post the greatest results.

SolO: Hello, my name is Tobias Glenne, aka SolO, and I am a 13 year old Zerg player that just started eighth grade. I am high Masters player on the EU ladder. I haven’t gotten the greatest LAN placements yet; my best placement came at a small Norwegian LAN called Infected, where I placed 4th. I am really happy that I got to join ROOT Gaming's academy since I am really young and have a lot of potential to improve.

NajzMajs: Hello! My name is Marcus "Najzmajs" Fogelström. I’m a 13 year old high Master Zerg from Sweden and I play on the EU and NA servers. I've been attending Dreamhack and have also played in a lot of Playhem tournaments back in the days, as well as Go4SC2 and Zotac Cups. I’m really happy to be joining ROOT’s academy and hope I'll have a great time improving in ROOT.

You all are either not in high school yet or are just barely a month in! What makes you want to join an academy at such a young age, rather than learn the game at your own leisure in conjunction with your academic and social life?

Arium: I am really grateful for this opportunity to join ROOT Gaming's academy. Since I am very young, I have a lot of time on my hands and a lot of potential to improve to become one of the best. No one really knows I even play games, although some do know I am a complete geek!

SolO: I put a lot of time into StarCraft. I think this is a really good opportunity for me, not many at my age are able to get this chance. I don't think me joining SEED will have a impact on my social life.

NajzMajs: Joining SEED is something huge for me, since ROOT is such a big team with awesome players. It will be a very nice opportunity for me to learn the game with people in a team built to help each other out.

What makes you want to join SEED over another team's academy?

Arium: ROOT Gaming's academy is probably the one that everyone would want to join. Let's be honest here, who wouldn't want to be on the same team with the one and only CatZ and Chad Mother F'in Jones?

SolO: This is kinda a dream come true, I really wanted to join SEED because ROOT is one of my favorite teams. ROOT seems to have a really good atmosphere, and it is also one of North America's best team. I also think this is the best offer I could have gotten.

NajzMajs: I've always liked ROOT, so getting into their academy is a very nice opportunity for me. I like every player's personality and playstyle and ROOT is probably North America's best team. I’m really looking forward to practicing with all the awesome people at ROOT.

One of the perks of being a member of SEED is being able to play in ROOT's internal ranking matches and having the opportunity to earn a place in the ROOT house. Being so young, I assume that none of y'all will be able to move in if the privilege is earned. Is there anything that you think you might be able to get out of an experience with SEED that older players may not?

Arium: ROOT Gaming had a really nice idea regarding internal rankings, it is a really nice way for us to know how we are doing and if we are improving. On the downside, being 14 does have its cons, for example I can’t quite move into the ROOT Gaming house. However I did ask my mom about it and she thought "it might be a cool idea, however school comes first; maybe for a week or two during summer."

SolO: I am really looking forward to playing in ROOT's internal ranking matches. I think I am a bit young to be go to the ROOT house as you said. But this does allow me to practice with the ROOT players which most older players aren’t able to do. I am really looking forward to this awesome experience.

NajzMajs: I’m really looking forward to playing in the internal ranking matches and the trip I’ll be making to the ROOT house in November. The advantage of being young is that school doesn’t take as much time as college does and I don’t have to worry about having a job, so that gives me loads more time to spend on Starcraft.

SolO and Najzmajs, ROOT is primarily an American organization. How does it feel to be the first EU-based players on board? Do you foresee any difficulties playing from Europe whilst most of ROOT will be playing from North America?

SolO: There is a disadvantage because of the time zones in Europe to America; other than that, I don't really foresee any difficulties playing from Europe.

NajzMajs: I don’t feel it is a major problem other than differences in timezones, but we can still practice with each other on weekends. Other than that, I don’t really mind playing from Europe.

Arium, you’ve gotten to play on the mainstage at MLG! How does that experience affect you entering SEED?

Arium: Being able to play on the MLG main stage was probably the coolest thing ever; because of MLG I got my name out there. This is really cool because it also helped me with my nerves. Overall, this is a really nice experience for me to have had already when joining ROOT Gaming's academy.

Which ROOT player do you want to meet the most? Are there any players you wish to learn from in particular?

Arium: There isn't an answer to this question, I want to meet everyone! I want to learn and train with XYZ, puCK, Minigun and State and I want to become close friends with CatZ and Kane. I just really, really want to meet and practice with everyone!

SolO: I really want to meet CatZ and Kane the most. I do play zerg so I want to learn from all the zerg players like Kane, Vibe and Catz. Especially Kane, I really, really like his play style.

NajzMajs: I wanna meet CatZ the most, since I've known him for a year or so,and would like to meet him in person. As for learning, I just want to learn from every Zerg player to become so I can become a better player myself.

Are you still wondering what SEED is and how it works? It's very simple and ROOTCatZ himself explains it for you, as well as how to apply:

ROOTCatZ wrote:SEED is different than every other academy because it will give our SEEDs a realistic goal to join the main squad.

Easy? Absolutely not.

Once SEED has enough members, we'll start their internal ranking matches.

The top players from the SEED internal ranking matches will get to play in the ROOT internal rankings next month.

If they do well enough there (place top 3 or if we determine they are ready regardless) they will have the option to move from SEED to ROOT.

This should be great motivation for SEED players to continue to improve and prove themselves in a tangible way, rather than waiting around to be 'promoted' forever.

If you are a high Masters or Grandmaster player and would like to join SEED please send us a YouTube video application to answering the following questions:

  • Are you chobo or gosu?
  • Give us a summary of yourself as a person, what do you like, don't like, how old are you, work, school?
  • What are your goals when it comes to SC2?
  • Why would you like to join SEED?
  • Would you be willing and able to move to the ROOT house in California?


With that bit of excellent news comes some sadder items:

ROOT Gaming and Payam "TT1" Toghyan have parted ways. With his recent return to activity, and a quick climb to the top of the NA GM ladder, TT1 is looking better than he has in a long time.

With that said, TT1 has decided to pursue other options at this time. All of ROOT really loves Payam, and we wish him the best of luck with whatever team is lucky enough to pick him up. Here is his statement on the matter:

Show spoilers

Additionally, ROOT Gaming and Connor "Fitzyhere" Fitzpatric have decided to part ways to allow Fitzy to continue his focus on school and work. Fitzy remains in the ROOT chat, and we look forward to a time when he can return to full-time play and once again show off some mass queen shenanigans that we all love.


Be sure to follow Arium, SolO, and Najzmajs on Twitch (linked here) and Twitter (linked earlier) to keep up with their progress through SEED. Also follow TT1 and Fitzyhere to keep up with them (linked in the same way) and @ROOT4ROOT for all our ROOT Gaming news. Also, another big thanks to @2xNoodle for his work on announcing SEED, especially the player interviews.

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Postby jpham9210 » Mon Sep 09, 2013 8:05 pm

good deals!
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Postby wakata » Mon Sep 09, 2013 8:06 pm

This is why I NEED to work on my game play. I would love to join SEED.

In regards to TT1 and Fitzy, I am sad to see them go ): Best of luck to them!

Edit - Forgot to add. Gratz to SolO, Najzmajs, and Arium!

Ps - If ROOT is looking for any small time IT guys, hit me up :D
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Postby Brian » Mon Sep 09, 2013 8:13 pm

I remember when this thread was made viewtopic.php?f=10&t=21

and now it's finally here :P

Also excited what these guys can do considering how young they are 8-)
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Postby Rehio » Mon Sep 09, 2013 8:15 pm

Sick stuff! Been waiting for SEED for a long time, and it's awesome to finally get to see it happen.

Hope we get to see more information about the internal ranking system you folks have set up, both for SEED and ROOT.
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Postby wakata » Mon Sep 09, 2013 8:18 pm

Brian wrote:I remember when this thread was made viewtopic.php?f=10&t=21

and now it's finally here :P

Well, what I thought you meant by this, is that the fans of ROOT will have a small Clan and a tag that they could rock while laddering. Something to show their support while playing :D

Hope this means that they were able to secure the SEED clan tag. If any admins read this, you guys should post a poll with some possible fan clan tags that we could vote on <3
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Postby xvincx » Mon Sep 09, 2013 8:23 pm

grats to SEED! sad to see TT1 and Fitzy go, but really happy about the academy :D
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Postby cchily13 » Mon Sep 09, 2013 9:11 pm

Brian wrote:I remember when this thread was made viewtopic.php?f=10&t=21

and now it's finally here :P

Also excited what these guys can do considering how young they are 8-)

I know!! Thats the best part!! It started as an idea from the forums and now its happening!!
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