Announcing ROOT Academy: SEED! TT1 and Fitzy leave ROOT.

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Postby wakata » Mon Sep 09, 2013 8:06 pm

This is why I NEED to work on my game play. I would love to join SEED.

In regards to TT1 and Fitzy, I am sad to see them go ): Best of luck to them!

Edit - Forgot to add. Gratz to SolO, Najzmajs, and Arium!

Ps - If ROOT is looking for any small time IT guys, hit me up :D
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Postby wakata » Mon Sep 09, 2013 8:18 pm

Brian wrote:I remember when this thread was made viewtopic.php?f=10&t=21

and now it's finally here :P

Well, what I thought you meant by this, is that the fans of ROOT will have a small Clan and a tag that they could rock while laddering. Something to show their support while playing :D

Hope this means that they were able to secure the SEED clan tag. If any admins read this, you guys should post a poll with some possible fan clan tags that we could vote on <3
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