SEED Gaming Roster Update! Xyz And ROOT Part Ways :(

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Postby Kavik » Sun Oct 13, 2013 11:43 pm


After one month of reviewing applications, SEED is happy to announce the addition of seven new players and the naming of a captain! With a full, diverse roster, SEED is now ready to enter full practice mode and grow into a formidable academy of hungry, young talent.

Standing apart from the rest of the new recruits is SEED team captain Myles “Bones” Donald (Stream), a 19 year old Protoss player from Ontario, Canada who has already made a bit of a name for himself as a member of Clarity Gaming’s academy. 2xNoodle got to ask Bones a few questions about his involvement with SEED to which he eagerly responded:
What makes you want to join SEED after being a part of Clarity Gaming's academy? Do you feel that SEED offers you any advantages that Clarity cannot?
In joining SEED I'm hoping to replicate some of the great success that was experienced within the Clarity Gaming Academy. I feel that I will have greater motivation and opportunity to improve and grow as a well-rounded player under the ROOT brand, with the end goal of one day achieving ROOT main team status.

"Mature" is not the first word that comes to mind when thinking of a typical 19 year old male, but you find yourself as the oldest player and captain of SEED. How did you come to earn the position of captain and how does that affect your role on the team?
Like most people, I find myself above average when it comes to maturity (Bones laughs). As for the position as team captain, I believe I've proven myself as an effective team captain; working well with both players and management to keep things running smoothly and effectively. As perhaps the more "veteran" player on the team, I hope to be a positive and professional influence on the impressionable youth of SEED.

How do you feel about joining SEED?
I am excited for my new position as team captain of SEED, and happy to be involved with ROOT as a whole going forward. I have already become somewhat acquainted with most of the players and management and all seems great thus far.

What do you hope to gain from being on SEED?
As team captain of SEED I hope to continue my improvement as both a player and a leadership presence. I'm looking forward to taking full advantage of practice opportunities with my fellow SEED players and hopefully some ROOT members. Also, as a part of SEED, I'll be optimistically looking to pursue opportunities to produce some quality content of various forms whenever possible.

The rest of the new SEED cast are equally as excited to be a part of ROOT’s new academy and are eager to grow as players through the new team atmosphere. When 2xNoodle asked about their thoughts on joining SEED and what they hope to gain from the team, they provided the following answers:

David “MightyKiwi” Gore; Zerg; Wellington, New Zealand; 18 years old
I am super excited to join SEED! We’ve already been having great practice sessions involving theory-crafting and helping others out on their weak points. I feel as though we've got a great bunch of players with the desire to put in the effort to improve and I look forward to what we can achieve together.

My goal is to improve my play as much as possible, which I don’t think will be too hard, given the amount of talent on ROOT and the drive of SEED’s players. I'd also like to have fun along the way and with the players we have. I think the overall experience will be great. I think that we will all improve drastically!

Andrew “Intense” Perelli; Terran; California; 15 years old
It feels pretty intense to join SEED, the guys and environment are really cool. I hope that I can grow as a player and become gosu. With SEED, I hope to to practice a lot with the other academy members and perhaps with ROOT players as well. I also hope to do well in the internal rankings and have a good time.

Preben “Prebs” Johnsen; Zerg; Oslo, Norway; 18 years old
Joining SEED is awesome! First of all, I'm surprised with just how involved CatZ has been with the academy; it’s really cool to see. Some of the SEED players only joined just a few days ago, but we all get along and there’s already a great team atmosphere!

What I want most out of SEED are active and friendly teammates to practice with. To get some exposure and to one day be promoted to the main squad is of course in the back of my head, but it's not something I’m focusing on right now. For the time being, I’m just trying to improve my gameplay and I’ll hopefully do well in the internal rankings.

Paul “SiegeMode” Dolan; Terran; Largo, Florida; 15 years old
Ever since the announcement of SEED Academy, it had been my goal to join. Now that I have been chosen, I am very motivated to become a better player and am very excited for my future in SEED, as well as for the future prospects of the team itself. I am currently high Masters on the North American server and my first goal now that I have gotten into SEED is to get into Grandmasters. Other than that, I think that I will gain a lot of experience in the scene, as this is the first professional eSports organization I’ve ever been a member of. I hope to become a better person and player because of SEED. I look forward to the future and you can expect a lot coming from me soon!

Paz “Heiwa” Garcia Griego; Terran; Boston, Massachusetts; 15 years old
I have been a fan of ROOT for a long time so it really is nice to be apart of SEED. I am very excited to see what kind of player I can become through the organization’s help. Being a part of SEED gives me the good bonus of having plenty of practice partners. I am currently struggling in TvZ and am looking forward to playing with our zerg players as much as possible.

Albin “Mist” Grip; Protoss; Sweden, 14 years old
I feel great about joining SEED! I feel that this is really a great opportunity and hope to improve a lot by playing with the other guys. The team already seems to have a great atmosphere. I hope to gain great practice and improve my game while being on SEED, so that I have the the chance to take my play to the next level and qualify for WCS when I turn 16. I also hope to one day visit the ROOT house; that’d be so cool!


In sadder news, ROOT and Xyz (a.k.a. Dennis, a.k.a. Succeed) have parted ways. Here is what Dennis had to say about his departure:

Xyz wrote:I've had a lot of fun, and gained a lot of valuable experiences through out these 8 months that I have been playing for ROOT. I have seen many places of the world that I would not have seen otherwise. It is an awesome team with many cool people and I appreciate everything that they have done for me, but personally for my career, and with the future WCS changes, I feel like there is not very much I can gain from ROOT, nor them from me as their reach doesn't quite go as far as to Europe. Instead I will continue to pursue my gaming career in Europe and continue to practice to hopefully reach a level of gameplay that I can be proud of.

CatZ had a statement as well:
CatZ wrote:Xyz aka Succeed aka Dennis recently moved back to Sweden after his visa ran out in the US. Many of us at ROOT will miss him a bunch, he's an awesome person and an amazing player full of potential. He is constantly improving and figuring the game on his own and that's why we got him in the first place. It sucks to lose Dennis but I think it will be for the better of his career to pursue opportunities within EU. As a North American based team there isn't too much we can do for him overseas.

I am confident that if he decides to do it, he can become one of the best players out there, so keep an eye opened for him. I and the rest of ROOT will continue to cheer and ROOT for Xyz and wish him all the best in the future.


Be sure to check out all of the new SEED players, and keep your eyes peeled for a tournament that will pick the next member of SEED in the next week! Follow us on Twitter: @ROOT4ROOT so that you can stay up to date with all the ROOT news, and check out @ROOT4SEED for SEED specific tweets. Thanks again to @2xNoodle for doing the player interviews

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