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Postby Deezl » Mon Nov 26, 2012 3:20 am


It's a bit of a mixed bag today here at ROOT Gaming. In mid-October, we announced that ROOTLeiYa (formerly puCK) would be taking some time off from Starcraft. She promised she'd be back, and she is! Welcome back, LeiYa! We missed you! LeiYa returns to active status immediately, and we look forward to seeing how she'll key off with ToD. Make sure to send her a welcome back tweet at @puCKK2012!

On the darker side of the coin, however, ROOT Gaming is sad to announce that majOr intends to leave the team and try again for Korea. It's always been Juan's goal to join a Korean pro team -- specifically, a KeSPA team -- and compete at the highest level with the very best in the world. While ROOT has been privileged to help Juan attend and achieve at the Blizzard World Championship, MLG, NASL events and in tournaments around the globe, it would be impossible for Juan to play in all these events and also participate in premiere Korean events like GSL and Proleague. Here's what majOr had to say on the subject:

Hey guys this is Juan and I am really sad to announce that ROOT and I will be parting ways tonight. I am disappointed in my results as of late, especially the WCS ones. My dream has always been since Brood War to join a Kespa team and this is what I will try to go after. At ROOT I said from the start that joining a Kespa team was my dream, and I thank them for being understanding and letting me go after this dream.

Staying in ROOT was a great experience. It's being with good friends and just being like a family aspect TT1 ToD Vibu CatZ drewbie Maru slush etc. I had a lot of fun for the most part in this team. I been here for quite some time and it felt really nice to be cared by a team, something I never felt before, but as I said I have to try to achieve what I want, I wish them best of luck and please keep cheering for them they trying to achieve great things in the NA scene for you guys the fans.

CatZ adds:
When we recruited Juan for the 2nd time, we knew beforehand that his dream was joining a KeSPA team. I always saw this as a real possibility, and we are sad at ROOT that the day has come when Juanito goes after that dream, because it means he will no longer be a part of our team, however we are happy at the same time because as a friend that Juan is to all of us, we know this is what he wants and will continue to ROOT for him and his success.

Juanito has his ways, he's set his mind to make this happen and we hope that he can accomplish the goals he has for his career. He is a very authentic person, and even though he's a big pain in the ass at times, he is also more mature every day and is a dear friend to me and I only have good wishes for him. The doors will always be open to Juan at ROOT Gaming, unlike last time when we thought it was a mistake to let him in in the first place, this time we're glad we did and are willing to make the same mistake again in the future.

On a happier note, I am really happy to announce LeiYa (puCK) is coming back to ROOT Gaming. LeiYa was undergoing personal stuff and took a break to sort some things, but now she is back to ROOT and we are very happy to have her. LeiYa is one of the strongest and most creative Protosses in North America, and most importantly, I truly believe she has the potential to be the very best and compete at the highest level, something that I am sure she will achieve very soon. So welcome back home LeiYa!

Best of luck to Juanito, and welcome back puCK!
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