ROOT Defeats EG.[RC] in Evil Geniuses Master's Cup Week 1!

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Postby Lawcraft » Tue Sep 11, 2012 5:12 am

ROOTViBE 2 – 1 EG.IdrA[RC]

IdrA came in as the likely favorite to take WCS USA, but ZvZ proved to be his achilles heel in a tournament dominated by Zergs. ViBE took him out there AND at then 2-1 in the North American championships, bringing his recent series record against IdrA to 3-0.

What's weird is that both players play almost exactly the same style of ZvZ. Both players are very roach-centric, using lings to secure a roach transition, then using the fewest number of roaches they can to secure a third and save gas for infestors while scouting. After that, both players try to push on good upgrades and get good fungals while macroing. A big part of both players’ games is that neither gives up a macro advantage once they have it.

ViBE, however, just seems to pull out ahead in the little ways. Each game today had a similar overarching story; one player starts with a minor advantage, the game transitions into heavy macro Roach/Hydra and infestor support, and then the leading player wins by just having more stuff. ViBE sealed games one and three games with earlier upgrades and crisper timings and lost game two when he attacked into IdrA's third on Ohana as defensive infestors popped. Standard ZvZ at its best.

What to draw from this? Nothing we didn't already learn from the two WCS championship series; ViBE is putting forth some of the best results in North America, and he's an easy favorite against his North American contemporaries.

Well, except perhaps MaSa.

ROOTMaSa 2 – 0 EG.ThorZaIN[RC]

CatZ’s scouting of MaSa for ROOT paid off, with young MaSa defeating Dreamhack Champion ThorZaIN in straight games. Both games involved cheese in one direction or the other (modified 1-1-1 from ThorZaIN in game one, proxy marauders from MaSa in game two), but the quick shenanigans were not decisive in either game. Both games played long and close, in typical TvT fashion. Ultimately, MaSa just appeared quicker and sharper during key engagements, making superior positioning choices leading to key victories.

As EG.iNcontrol[RC] said while casting the loss: “Pay attention to MaSa.” MaSa has yet to compete on a major stage, but defeating a Code S Terran who also won the WCS Sweden Nationals as well as DreamHack Stockholm is enough to make anyone sit up and pay attention. Expect to see MaSa competing in more events soon.

ROOTsLush 0 – 2 EG.JYP[RC]

Played on the Korean server, sLush put up a valiant effort but could not overcome JYP’s 61.5% win rate in PvZ, his best matchup. Ultimately, sLush fell behind JYP in both games following unfortunate engagements, partially driven by server side lag, but with all credit to JYP’s outstanding play. As one of EG’s many Code S players, JYP showed why he is a force to be reckoned with in PvZ, gaining back ground for EG in the series.

ROOTMajOr 0 – 2 EG.PuMa[RC]

The games moved back to the North American server for the matchup between MajOr and PuMa. Unfortunately for MajOr, the latency advantage was not enough to clinch victory for ROOT. PuMa quickly won game one, but game two developed in a long textbook example of TvT mech versus tank marine. MajOr built sensor towers throughout the map, and tried to position a powerful force of tanks to smother PuMa, but drops slower clawed PuMa out from between the rock and siege tank line he found himself between.

Nonetheless, MajOr maintained an economic advantage throughout. That advantage led eventually to an attempt at battle cruisers, with base mech not being able to crack PuMa’s defenses. While MajOr’s position looked strong, PuMa exploited mech’s key weakness of unsieged siege tanks to pull ahead and take out MajOr’s last mining base as well as his army of tanks and battle cruisers. Ultimately, despite killing over 100 of PuMa’s workers, MajOr ultimately lost after his tanks again got caught unsieged.

This 0 – 2 did not shake our confidence in MajOr, however, as we saw in the Ace Match.


ROOTMajOr 2 – 0 EG.PuMa[RC]

I try to don’t let u guys down if I play ace - ROOTMajOr

Playing one game on Korea, and another on North America, WCS Mexico Champion MajOr took both games to take a week one win for ROOT Gaming. MajOr redeemed his mech play, starting off with mech in game one. Surprising PuMa with 24 blue flame hellions along with an SCV pull, MajOr took a decisive lead at 13 minutes taking out PuMa’s army as well as his natural expansion.

MajOr also took game two, despite tense hellion versus hellion play early in the game. MajOr took an advantage in worker harass afterward, securing a 10 supply lead at around the 12 minute mark. That lead increased to 30 by the 15 minute mark, with army compositions being nearly identical mech. MajOr took out PuMa's vikings, and then pressed in with a commanding ground advantage.

Commentary from CatZ on why we chose to play MajOr after his 0 – 2 defeat in the previous round:

The rules forced us to play the first, and potential 3rd game of the Ace on Korea as EG was the home team. SLush had SICK lag on Korea and it really showed. ViBE and MajOr have a lot more experience on Korea, as that is where they normally play and they are used to the delay of the server. ViBE, however, felt like ZvT was his worst matchup. Juan had a sick game 2 and was ahead against PuMa so we knew he could win, and to quote him Juan said before we made our decision: "i try to dont let u guys down if i play ace." It was a really easy choice after that, and we were confident he could win and were happy he managed to do that despite the server.

Special Thanks from CatZ:

I was reading the chat while the matches were going on and I saw SO many people saying “ROOT4ROOT!” and giving words of encouragement from our fans and it made my day. To all of you ROOTing for us, we'd be nothing without your support. Thank you so VERY much, I can't thank you enough for it. Whether it’s ROOT or any other team, show your support and cheer on for your favorite team, without insulting the opponent. Team owners, members, casters, and staff for every eSports team are always watching the chat, whether or not they react to it publicly. What the fans say in forums, in chat, on reddit, and anywhere else is much more relevant than you may think. Feedback and notes are always written and good feedback is not just appreciated but encouraging, it truly validates our existence in this industry. So, ROOT fans, and those doods in that chat tonight, thank you so fucking much.

Sean “Lawcraft” M. escapes the Bay Area legal world to contribute to ROOT’s Content Team whenever possible
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Postby Davy1992 » Tue Sep 11, 2012 5:20 am

Congrats! Majors series was EPIC.
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Postby ROOTCatZ » Tue Sep 11, 2012 5:21 am

sick writeup sean
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Postby Baggins » Tue Sep 11, 2012 5:26 am

Great series to watch and a lot of fun. Good come back by major just made my day. ROOT4ROOT yo.
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Postby Joofro92 » Tue Sep 11, 2012 5:29 am

So proud of all the ROOT guys :) JUANITO ♥ Make Da Roach
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Postby magicallypuzzled » Tue Sep 11, 2012 5:30 am

really amazing series i loved being able to watch basically the whole thing on my day off. had to stop for a meal break after puma won the first game against major and came back at the start of the last game of the ace match. every one played so good i was sad to hear about slush's bad lag (you could really tell the difference from his regular play i knew something had to be up) but it was a really great series non the less.

can't wait to continue seeing root win clan wars

by the way who is roots next opponent in the master cup?
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Postby DarthCaesar » Tue Sep 11, 2012 5:31 am

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Postby jamessooy » Tue Sep 11, 2012 5:37 am

Just watched the series. Sick win for ROOT. All hail the mexican. Amazing to see Masa taking down Thorzain.
Glad to see a this write-up so quick. Really glad to see root in the team leagues.
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Postby Lawcraft » Tue Sep 11, 2012 5:41 am

Next up is Dignitas
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Postby Cdnfan » Tue Sep 11, 2012 5:49 am

congrats to Root - well played and very nice write up, Lawcraft.
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