Esports is declared to be a billion-dollar industry which is one of the best ways to take advantage while the public eye is one of the sports. Esports has begun to grow into something bigger. It seems to be exploding with the numbers which are recorded at the pace and has managed to get the right growth. In this article, we are going to be learning about some of the fun facts about esports and the facts which can leave you shocked.

205+ million viewers worldwide

It is recorded that more than 205+million people watch the tournament world. This number is said to grow more, and people are getting interested in accumulating the right information. Every year people notice new visitors which has made the esports into a worldwide phenomenon. There is a lot that a gamer can relate to as it an experience like no other. It is like watching sports but with people of all ages.

viewers worldwide

Gamers are recognised as Professional Athletes

The earnings from the sports have continued to grow, which has made the government designate them as professional athletes. This means that people can easily get to travel worldwide while being able to prove themselves as athletes. This also means that they have the right taxation, which matches the NBA, MLB, NHL or NFL.

DOTA 2 tournaments have paid 60+ million prizes

There is a lot when it comes to dealing with the numbers and the earnings when you are associated with giants like DOTA 2. There are over 600 tournaments which have taken over the entirety of the world esports for the professional gamblers. The individuals have a large team to work their skills with. These tournaments are also reported to have pooled prizes. This is just the start, and already one can see the right start to the largeness of games(Do Watch).

Ginx Esports TV is the first official esports channel

esports channel

There is a lot of interest when it comes to esports as it offers some of the best-specialised TV channels was released. UK is the Ginx esports TV which has managed to gather more than 24-hour channel. It tracks all of the competitions and also airs them on the channel. This is one of the great ways to get people to attend events without having actually to be there.

800+ million viewing hours on Twitch

Another biggest reason esports is growing is due to its streaming platform. Many professional gamers are trying to do the right tournaments on Twitch which has led to people watching them play their favourite game. There are many people who are willing to interact with the gamers and showcase their support on the platform. Another reason for the booming business is that the right people are falling for the esports.


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