Team Liquid is one of the most loved esports organizations around the world due to its reach in every esports tournament that takes places throughout the year. Team Liquid takes part in more esports titles than any other esports organization. Some of the major titles won by Team Liquid include IEM, ESL One, DreamHack, ESL Pro League.

Team Liquid is also a very old esports organizationwhich was founded in 2000 for StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty. In 2012, they stepped into multi-genre entertainment with their first team for DOTA2. They merged with Team Curse under their name, and their European team for DOTA2 won the International 2017, which had the largest prize pool in the esports history.

Today team liquid has its major teams for games like Apex Legends, Artifact, Counter-Strike Global Offensive, PUBG, DOTA2, Fortnite, Hearthstone, LOL, and Tekken. They have over 60 pro gamers representing them in 14 popular world games. They also hold the record for winning the most prize money collectively for all games.

Other than organizing and training esports teams, Team Liquid is also a media enterprise which has a number of community sites inside the gaming industry. They have a video production studio known as 1UP Studios which creates high-quality video content for media channels. They have a gaming community portal called Liquipedia, which is one of the most widely used sources for all esports news. Their headquarters in Los Angeles, the Alienware Training Facility is leading the esports and innovation projects of the organization. They aim to provide world-class facilities for budding gamers around the world with the right infrastructure, gear, and career opportunities.