The Dota 2 Asian Championship Tournament.

Dota has evolved over time with fans being excited for each version that the game launches. Formerly known as Defense of the Ancients, the series first came into the picture in 2003. Through time, it managed to grow both in features and popularity. With things scaling on a massive scale, a Dota 2 tournament was announced. This kept the excitement alive, as numerous people came forward to play and witness this tournament that featured their favourite game. Right from that point, things took shape, and the rest is history. So as a form of a recap, we have decided to go back and look at the Dota 2 Asian Championship Tournament that shaped things for the better.

The Launch

The Dota 2 Asia Championship was first launched way back in 2015, and the event was held at Shanghai, China, at the Shanghai Grand Stage. Hosted by the “Perfect World”, the event went ahead to be known as DAC 2015. A lot of teams were given a direct invitation, and the rest had to come by facing a fierce set of competition. The event that lasted between January 5th to February 9th declared Evil Geniuses as the winner. Taking home, a prize money of $1,284,158, Evil Geniuses became the main attraction of the night. They came first among the list of direct invites that included,

  1. Vici Gaming – a Chinese professional esports organization that has its base in Shanghai. Apart from Dota 2, they have also gone ahead to compete in FIFA, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends, and so on. Their best-known feat came as they were declared as the runners up for The International 2014.
  1. Newbee – Newbee is another Chinese esports organization that has various divisions in Hearthstone and League of Legends. They turned heads and made news when they were declared to be the winner of The International 2014 and took home a whopping sum of $5 million.
  1. Invictus Gaming – Invictus gaming is a famous Chinese multi-game esports organization that was founded by businessman Wang Sicong. League of Legends and StarCraft Ⅱ are some of the other tournaments that they have graced with their presence. Their most significant achievement was winning the International 2012 and 2018 World Championship.
  1. Team Secret – founded in 2014, Team Secret is a global esports team that is famous for its Dota 2 team. They have played numerous tournaments between 2014 and 2019, creating a name for themselves in the format.
  1. LCD Gaming – just like the rest, LCD Gaming is another Shanghai-based esports organization. It is one of the oldest organizations and takes part in various events like League of Legends, Overwatch, Honor of Kings, and so on.