Defense Of The Ancients: Protect Your Heritage.

With new games coming into the light every season, the old ones are going to the shelves. Relaunches or sequels have been the technique to revive a popular game and avoid oblivion. DOTA had the spotlight on its sequel when it released back in 2015 generating a widespread fad over it.

Tournaments have become the arena for the ultimate gaming, and DOTA is one of the most-loved entries here. Several game genres are developed every year, with some complying to the previous styles of gameplay. The Defense Of The Ancients came into the field with a new genre to boast of.

Tournaments held for avid gamers are the fertile fields that every game developer was looking for. Blizzard and Valve capitalized on the millions of players to launch the sequel, which resulted in a huge success. $1 million (reportedly the largest ever) was the prize pool at the GamesCom convention, an indication of the genre’s popularity.

Role-playing elements and strategies backed by a team of modders were factors of DOTA that appealed to the gaming community, which later grew into an online game type with countless players logging into the platform to have a taste of the combat.