How to Stream on Twitch: Essential Tips for Newbies .

The gaming industry has been growing at a rapid rate along with its esports events which stands over a billion dollars today. There are several streaming platforms in which pro esports players as well as independent gamers stream their games and showcase their skills. Online streaming platforms such as Twitch, Youtube Gaming, and Mixer have millions of streams and millions in the audience daily.

Twitch by Amazon grew popularity for providing an easy and free to use steaming platform which showcases some of the most significant gamers and internet celebrities. When the streamers get more viewers, they open up new sources of earning through donations as well as sponsors. While the best streamers use the best computers, it is not a hard job to open a streaming channel if you have a decent PC or modern gaming console. With the tips mentioned below, you can set up your own streaming platform on twitch. Here is what you need to become a twitch streamer.

A Good Computer

A decent PC configuration can help you stream low graphic games online. It is recommended that you have a desktop instead of a laptop as the laptop can heat up really fast due to online streaming and heavy gaming. A recommended PC spec will include 8 GB RAM, Windows 7 or higher, 4GB of graphics, DirectX 10 and Intel Core i5 processor. You also need a good internet connection and an upload rate of at least 3MB per second to be able to stream games at best possible bitrate. If you are streaming through mobile, you will need to download the Twitch app on you device to start streaming

Streaming Software

While mobile and console gaming has complete streaming platforms, you will need separate software to host streaming on your desktop. First, you will need an account on twitch, and complete your profile to make it look attractive and informative. The most efficient streaming software that is available today is Open Broadcasting Software(OBS) and XSplit. Both are free to use and also have paid versions for key features. Learn to operate OBS and sync it with your twitch screen, and you can create multiple scenes for audio and video inputs according to your needs.