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Video gaming is definitely a really popular form of entertainment, and when it comes to video gamers, they collectively spend more than $3 billion per week. Because of the widespread use, scientists have actually researched a lot about how video games affect the behaviour of humans and how it affects the brain as well. They were asking themselves if these effects were positive or negative.

At a single glance, more than 150 million people in the United States of America alone have been known to play video games almost regularly. They do it at least three hours per week. The average American gamer is at least a 35-year-old adult with 70% of gamers who are 18 or older. For games that are used by children, most of the parents indicate that these games have had a very positive influence on their child.


You should also know that video game sales have continued to increase every single year. In the year 2016, the video game industry sold more than 25 billion games alone.

Online gaming is something that definitely has its own perks and risks. Everything has a lot of disadvantages and advantages as well.

Because of the very highly interactive nature of these video games, players would be participating with other players. Nowadays, games are done with the best of technologies. With many advancements in technology is enabling giving developers to do a lot of things, we are actually expecting some really amazing video games, especially this year.

Well, we should always consider how the video games affect the behaviour of children. This is very true when we are looking at young players and how they experience violent video games. There is absolutely no direct link between violent behaviour and off-line or online video games. However, contrary to very popular belief, a lot of newspaper headlines follow some violent incidents which would involve teenagers and a very direct link between video game violence. They had said that the violent behaviour was because of the violence that they had seen in video games.

Imagine that you have found an amazing game that you really enjoy but, there is a lot of violence and foul language in the video game. It is a game that you would be playing for hours on end, almost on a daily basis. You are bound to adapt a lot of qualities from this particular video game. It is not something that you can control. If it is something that you can control, bravo!

Video games actually influence a lot of people. Especially the children who are playing this game should be really careful, because it can end up leaving an impact on their lives. If we are talking about teenagers, they should be really vigilant as well, because it is their age to absorb a lot of information and it is also that age where the human body will be looking to observe everything that is going on around it.

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