In this guide, I will be talking all about why gaming on a PC is actually much better and how it would impact your gaming experience in a positive way.

This may be coming as a surprise to you, but PC gaming is actually quite advanced when compared to console gaming, even though console gaming is literally existent to fulfill a purpose of higher gaming.

Here are the reasons:

  1. PC gaming is something that is really affordable, and it has been for a really long time. If you are somebody who is looking to play some really graphic intense games, it would not exactly be that affordable for you because you will have to purchase some very expensive hardware to make that happen.gaming
  2. We should always consider the price. When we talk about the elephant in the room, everything will unravel. You know that consoles are worth upwards of $300. If you are going to be buying a Console that is second hand, I am pretty sure you can get it for upwards of $200. I honestly don’t think you should buy second-hand electronics, because when you are buying an electronic product, you are purchasing a product that has already been used by somebody for months or even years. Electronics are things that you are going to use on a daily basis. They should be purchased new.
  3. PC gaming is definitely more affordable than how it was before, but you need to consider the kind of games that you want to play. You need to see if the games are compatible with your particular PC. For example, the new Spiderman game is definitely a game that requires a lot of computing power, an amazing graphics card and a spectacular amount of RAM. If your PC does not possess the above requirements, it is going to be a huge trouble for you. In some cases, the PC is going to tell you that the game is not supported, because of the hardware.gaming console
  4. A PC is always a better path to an upgrade. If you want to upgrade a console, it is going to cost you more than $400 to do so. But, if you want to upgrade components of a PC, it is going to be very affordable and very easy as well. You can find tutorials on the internet where you can do it in a couple of minutes.
  5. Think about it; console exclusives are officially over. Most games that are available for your favourite console, are available for other consoles and almost every single PC out that. That is why, you should consider a more diverse option and try and build your own PC. Building your own PC will give you the option to choose whichever monitor you want, whichever CPU that you want and whichever upgrades you want.
  6. If you are purchasing a console, you don’t exactly have a lot of choices. You are getting a product that is already finished; you just have to use it.