Gaming Addiction

There is a lot of controversy over whether video gaming is an addiction that is same or comparable to gambling addiction or drug abuse. Well, I would like to say that it is not as serious, but it is something that you will have to deal with. It is something that requires rehabilitation. It is something that requires medication, therapy and counselling. A lot of studies have proven the comparison between video gaming and gambling and a lot of them have been floor, because there are no financial sticks which are involved with video gaming. Winning a video game would require you to have cognitive skills and very sharp reflexes. This is something Which would benefit you in life. Winning in a gambling game would definitely end up winning you a lot of money, but losing in a casino, would draw in your bank account.


The source of the addictive quality of a lot of games is basically unknown, but a lot of researchers have proposed that the process of playing and also winning these games may indeed a trigger a release of dopamine, which is a brain chemical which would elevate energy and give you an amazing mood. Dopamine is the same neurotransmitter which is involved in other addictive activities like drug abuse and alcohol. Video gaming addiction is not exactly something that is recognised as an addictive disorder. If you think about it, an obsession or a preoccupation with games which would end up causing problems in your real life is something that you will have to be very afraid of. If it is something that is affecting your school, work or even household responsibilities, you should get away from it. If it is something that is affecting your friendships and hobbies, you should stop giving it so much attention. It should not be the cause of any decline in personal hygiene or grooming.

If you are showing any signs of irritability, anger, anxiety when you’re forced to stop gaming, you are certainly in a lot of trouble. If you are interested in spending a lot of time playing his games instead of going out and playing with your friends, it would mean that you are displaying a lot of symptoms of gaming addiction. Making the use of this video games as an escape from your life and stressful situations will definitely end up bringing a lot of conflicts at home and at work. Stop doing so.

Teenagers and children are not exactly the only ones who are vulnerable to such a problem. Adults who are always playing on these games for hours on end, instead of pursuing hobbies or devoting their time to relationships, partners or children are in a huge trouble. When adults are no longer able to control the amount of time they spend in front of the screen, playing these games, will definitely know that they have crossed a line.

These were some interesting snippets about gaming addiction. I hope they helped.

Esports in Asia

Esports is one of the most popular sports when it comes to Asia. This can be easily witnessed when we see fans praising a certain team or a tournament. There are numerous reasons for the popularity it is facing today. In this article, we are trying to understand the reason for the craze that one faces in Asia.

Ma Jae Yoon, this is one character which is commonly known from the game saviour. It is generally portrayed as a sex symbol by the media but has a large fan base in Korea. He has a pasty face and is on all billboards, commercials and credit cards. He is nothing less than a celebrity in Korea and all due to his stellar performance in computer games. There are many people who are trying to get the hang of the game, but it is important to realise that e-sports has cultural aspects to it.

popular sports

South Korea is a state of technological advancements(Watch Now) with some tension with the North and esports can out at the time of depression. Later, these games become extremely competitive and created a much stronger impact in South Korea. It also follows macroeconomic reasons for the process as in the 1990s Asia took the hit as it has some financial crisis where PCs were also sold cheap. This makes a lot of people work in broadband, giving them the right time to get their hands on these games.

Also, South Korea was beginning to gain back its international popularity, where people began to play, and people started to migrate to Korea to play the tournaments. This was initially limited to Internet Cafes as there was a lack of internet connection as there was no affordable computer initially. In 2001, 28% of the South Korean Population had internet connections which have 1/5th of the users playing games. Later with the approval of the Ministry of culture, sports and tourism KeSPA was established.

playing games

KeSPA started with simple research and organising the right key points which can allow one to get the right success. This later started to be televised in the form of tournaments and games which ti their surprised proved to be a success. The World Cyber games later were hosted in South Korea in 2001 and were successful where it started to draw tens of thousands of players into Korea for the sake of competition. The number of internet users grew to 34,120,000 by time, and over 55% of the population was interested in games. This is where South Korea grew its success. The nation later began to change were children as well as adults aspired to become programmers or professional gamers who is also considered to be an Athlete.


The esports industry is showing no signs of slowing down and is not a professional sports tournament which can easily fill huge stadiums. There are millions of viewers who can easily tune into the games with their own battles to play their favourite games. Many investments are made, sponsorships budgets increase the developers’ agendas to get into the right sports. The industry continues to grow, and with each game, there are gaining strength they need to move forwards. But before you go ahead, a become a professional esports player. Here are certain things that you must know.

Esports or electronic sports is a professional, organised video game competition which invites people from all around the world to compete and win. This is a highly competitive arena where one can offer a large sum of money and prestige. The tournaments can range from small to local matches which is easy to fill a stadium. The Esports industry is said to be worth one billion and is estimated to grow to 38% by the next year. Although there are negative points to the games, there is still a lot of growth which one cannot deny.


A brief history

The first esports event was held back in the year 1972, where the Stamford University students were competing against each other. In the 80s there was evidence of video game tournaments where more than 10,000 people attended to play the Space Invaders Championship. There was also a time where players were much more interested in beating each other’s high score. As the gaming craze became more and more popular, the 90s era took it up, and esports was established. There were many companies who were interested in holding professional gaming tournaments. There was also one where people began to see money becoming a factor in the industry.

Later due to normalisation of gaming and the internet, it became tough. It was seen as what modern-day esports look like. There were also streaming platforms like twitch which made everything possible. People started to show interest in the game and became popular. Many tournaments took place later on, and it became more professional as more and more players were becoming professional players and earning millions with the prize money.

Key statistics

Key statistics

There are many facts and figures which has made esports a global phenomenon.

  • It is still growing as it is a billion-dollar industry which can be seen rising 38% in the next year and with already $116 million invested this does not seem far.
  • North Americans account for $345 millions of the revenue, which is generated.
  • More than $380 million people are enthusiastic, and 215 million people are occasional watchers.
  • A lot of events are held every year in major cities, which generate $59 million in tickets.

In this guide, I will be talking all about why gaming on a PC is actually much better and how it would impact your gaming experience in a positive way.

This may be coming as a surprise to you, but PC gaming is actually quite advanced when compared to console gaming, even though console gaming is literally existent to fulfill a purpose of higher gaming.

Here are the reasons:

  1. PC gaming is something that is really affordable, and it has been for a really long time. If you are somebody who is looking to play some really graphic intense games, it would not exactly be that affordable for you because you will have to purchase some very expensive hardware to make that happen.gaming
  2. We should always consider the price. When we talk about the elephant in the room, everything will unravel. You know that consoles are worth upwards of $300. If you are going to be buying a Console that is second hand, I am pretty sure you can get it for upwards of $200. I honestly don’t think you should buy second-hand electronics, because when you are buying an electronic product, you are purchasing a product that has already been used by somebody for months or even years. Electronics are things that you are going to use on a daily basis. They should be purchased new.
  3. PC gaming is definitely more affordable than how it was before, but you need to consider the kind of games that you want to play. You need to see if the games are compatible with your particular PC. For example, the new Spiderman game is definitely a game that requires a lot of computing power, an amazing graphics card and a spectacular amount of RAM. If your PC does not possess the above requirements, it is going to be a huge trouble for you. In some cases, the PC is going to tell you that the game is not supported, because of the hardware.gaming console
  4. A PC is always a better path to an upgrade. If you want to upgrade a console, it is going to cost you more than $400 to do so. But, if you want to upgrade components of a PC, it is going to be very affordable and very easy as well. You can find tutorials on the internet where you can do it in a couple of minutes.
  5. Think about it; console exclusives are officially over. Most games that are available for your favourite console, are available for other consoles and almost every single PC out that. That is why, you should consider a more diverse option and try and build your own PC. Building your own PC will give you the option to choose whichever monitor you want, whichever CPU that you want and whichever upgrades you want.
  6. If you are purchasing a console, you don’t exactly have a lot of choices. You are getting a product that is already finished; you just have to use it.



Esports is declared to be a billion-dollar industry which is one of the best ways to take advantage while the public eye is one of the sports. Esports has begun to grow into something bigger. It seems to be exploding with the numbers which are recorded at the pace and has managed to get the right growth. In this article, we are going to be learning about some of the fun facts about esports and the facts which can leave you shocked.

205+ million viewers worldwide

It is recorded that more than 205+million people watch the tournament world. This number is said to grow more, and people are getting interested in accumulating the right information. Every year people notice new visitors which has made the esports into a worldwide phenomenon. There is a lot that a gamer can relate to as it an experience like no other. It is like watching sports but with people of all ages.

viewers worldwide

Gamers are recognised as Professional Athletes

The earnings from the sports have continued to grow, which has made the government designate them as professional athletes. This means that people can easily get to travel worldwide while being able to prove themselves as athletes. This also means that they have the right taxation, which matches the NBA, MLB, NHL or NFL.

DOTA 2 tournaments have paid 60+ million prizes

There is a lot when it comes to dealing with the numbers and the earnings when you are associated with giants like DOTA 2. There are over 600 tournaments which have taken over the entirety of the world esports for the professional gamblers. The individuals have a large team to work their skills with. These tournaments are also reported to have pooled prizes. This is just the start, and already one can see the right start to the largeness of games(Do Watch).

Ginx Esports TV is the first official esports channel

esports channel

There is a lot of interest when it comes to esports as it offers some of the best-specialised TV channels was released. UK is the Ginx esports TV which has managed to gather more than 24-hour channel. It tracks all of the competitions and also airs them on the channel. This is one of the great ways to get people to attend events without having actually to be there.

800+ million viewing hours on Twitch

Another biggest reason esports is growing is due to its streaming platform. Many professional gamers are trying to do the right tournaments on Twitch which has led to people watching them play their favourite game. There are many people who are willing to interact with the gamers and showcase their support on the platform. Another reason for the booming business is that the right people are falling for the esports.


Esports Games

Esports has become one of the most popular and capitalistic business in the world. There are many gamers who are trying to dig deep into the idea of standing on the stage with their checks. Esports generally comprises of which are very popular and under numerous genres. There are many games which are creating buzz to be the best games, especially when it comes to esports competition in the year 2020.

Counter-Strike Global Offensive

Valve Counter Strike Global Offensive which debuted in the year 2012, has a strong heritage with a lot of multiplayer options in the FPS titles. This includes things like counter strike and counter-strike: source. This is a fast-paced game which has some modern elements to it as there is a lot of established core gameplay which can make the community active. Although the themes are not as rich but is game which has a lot of competitive spirits revolving.



DOTA 2 is a game which seems pretty easy at first but it some which require a lot of practice to get things right. Dota is one of the most popular multiplayer game which can allow one to get the right online battle arena games. This is a free to play MOBA tasks which has some of the best characters with some of the unique abilities, styles and attributes which adds to the game.


Dragon Ball Fighter Z

There are many first, especially when it comes to anime properties. This is one of the best treatment given to any fighting game, which is the Dragon Ball Series. This is one game which has a lot of series, movies and generations of characters behind it. There are characters like Akira, Toryamu and others which has aliens, humans and androids who is tearing the Earth into pieces. Dragon Ball Fighter Z is one of the newest addition to the series which has a gameplay shift and has many reasons to get the held aloft as one of the most intriguing esports titles.



Fortnite is a battle game which has a lot of aspects that one need to beat. In the year 2019, fortnite hosted 7.6 million concurrent players in a record-breaking session. There are many notable players who had some of the highest ever player count, and it is said that in the coming year it can beat the record. A fortnight has a lot of things going on, which includes things like approachable gameplay modes, bright and zany graphics, and other construction systems. There is also combat in the micro transactional detracts from the experience. This is a free to play the game which provides some of the best shits. This is a title which is one every platform, and it is important that you can play the right game.

Esport Tournaments

Esports are on the rise, and it is a tournament where everything will be jam-packed to be the best action-packed esports tournament which can allow one to find the right team. There are no playoffs that can take place, which can enable one to get the right thrill. Esports tournaments are something where players from Asia can enjoy their time and place exciting bets on their favorite players and teams. Here are some of the best Esports tournaments that you can watch.

The International

The International

The international is the premier DOTA 2 tournament which invites teams from all around the world. In recent years there has been 25% growth in total sales which allows one to get the right pass to the enormous fan base that it has built. The tournament has a massive prize award for about $25 million which is one of the biggest. This is an event which is organised by the Valve corporation and is held in Mercedes Benz Arena in Shanghai.

Fortnite World Cup

Arguably one of the most anticipated esports events is the Fortnight World cup which has a prize pool of around $100 million. This is also a tournament which has the largest cash prize for any esports in the world. This is a tournament which one has never seen, and developers have made many mistakes as well. There are a lot of rounds which will allow one to get the right wins for the players.

League of Legends World Championships

One of the biggest tournament which is organised by Riot Games has many professionals streaming online to get their live performances recognised in Twitch. This is a game which is popularity driven and can easily garner you global success. The Leagues of Legends World Championship is one of the biggest esports events which has the potential to steal the show from the fortnight. The popularity of this championship is unlike any other and does not seem to diminish.

Call of Duty World League

Call of Duty World League which is an annual tournament which was held to help get the world ready for the right tournament. This was a tournament which was organised by Activision publishing. They qualified for the CWL that was held in January of 2019. There will be 16 teams who will be participating and getting the prize for the $6 million. This is a game which is played in five versus five tournaments which makes it easier for the player to eliminate based on their skills. It is easier for people to participate in the games with the help of PlayStation 4 as they are also collaborating with the organisers to bring the Call of Duty World League into the gaming world.


It is the dawn of the esports industry as today the online streaming platforms, as well as the major global tournaments, are bigger than ever. In the past decade, the esports industry has developed to become one of the most followed events around the world. Not only that, there are several esports teams that represent different regions and nations in the major tournaments for various popular games, including CS:GO, DOTA 2, LOL, and PUBG. If you are not well familiar with what esports actually is, this quick article will provide you with everything that a newbie to esports should know.

How esports became popular?

Esports events may seem like a new thing, but many do not know that the first esports event took place back in October 1972 in Stamford University for the game “Spacewar”. The winner received a one-year subscription to the Rolling Stones magazine. The next recorded video game competition took place in 1980 for Space Invaders. The Space Invaders Championship received a great response from more than 10,000 participants as Space Invaders was a household sensation during that time.

In the 1990s, when the internet connected the world, the gaming industry also benefitted from it, launching online multiplayer games for PCs. It also helped in growing the popularity of PC gaming amongst gamers. In 1997, when the Red Annihilation Tournament was conducted, over 2000 gamers participated. It is regarded as the first real esports event, and the winning prize was the Ferrari of the developer of the game.


Since then the gaming industry only bloomed to be worth more than $1 billion and hosts majors for famous games every year containing millions in the prize pools. Today, esports involves a lot more than competitions. The gamers follow their favourite esports teams and watch them play games on live streams on platforms like Twitch, Mixer and Youtube Gaming. Some of the most-watched games today include Fortnite, Apex Legends, Player Unknown Battlegrounds, Counter-Strike Global Offensive, DOTA2, and League of Legends.

Why does esports need attention?

Esports is hardly in need of any attention at the moment as it is already a great source of entertainment for millions of gamers who enjoy watching their favourite players play their favourite games. The major leagues also get live-streamed on Youtube and get an audience base whenever they are live.

The brands who are planning to tie up with esports and teams are looking forward to a major opportunity as it is a great brand-building strategy today. The only thing that the brand has to keep in mind is that it is related to the gamers and the community. It should add value to the experience of esports, should offer what the gaming community needs, and should have cultural relevance.

State-Sponsored Training Programs

The gaming industry today is evolving to become as important as any other sports in a state or country. Just like the associations which support the Olympic teams and sports teams, the esports will also get similar operations to help the gamers develop their skills to compete in majors and represent their state or country. Many countries in Europe, Asia, North America, and South America have their own esports associations which send their teams to compete in various game tournaments. There are different teams for different games which have the best gamers from the state who get selected with a list of criteria.

How to Join an esports team?

Esports Team

To become a part of an esports team as a gamer, one needs to qualify for a number of criteria. There are other opportunities as well, including coach, host, marketing agent, referee, manager, sponsor, and streamer. But the career of a pro gamer is the most interesting one which requires years of practice on a single game. Esports associations do not need an all-rounder but the best of every game that they take part in. One needs to choose the gaming platform ( PC, console, or mobile) and the game which they will be preparing for. One can connect with the esports associations with the help their camps where they host selection tournaments or talk to them directly through their websites. In your career as a pro gamer, you will play a single game for hours every day to practice and master the skills, maps, and techniques which can provide you with an advantage over your opponents. You will work with a team of pro gamers building strategies and develop a strong communication before you can represent your association in the major tournaments. If you do not find any luck in connecting the with associations directly, you can start your own streaming channel to become so good that they recognize you and give you a call.

Evolution of eSports

There was a time when millions of people, all across the globe, would wait every year with bated breath for their favorite sporting events and tournaments to arrive. They would either buy tickets to these events or try to catch the action live on their television screens. Sports like badminton, lawn tennis, swimming and even chess, have always had a broad fan base. People root for their favorite teams to win and look up to their favorite players for inspiration and success stories. However, over the last few decades, the domain of sports has witnessed massive changes, in not just its approach but also in the kind of games that the area has started including under its umbrella. One major segment of sports, and much to the liking of gaming enthusiasts and nerds is the segment of eSports. And truth be told, eSports is not exactly something that is entirely new. The very first eSports tournament to be held was in the fall of 1972 at Stamford University, and students competed on the video game Spacewar. Since then, video games have risen to a whole different level and garnered an amazing spectatorship. In light of the same topic, we shall discuss the history and evolution of eSports and check how they have gone on to attain such a majestic stature over a period of time. But first, we shall provide a general overview of eSports before we delve into its history and subsequent evolution.

What is eSports?


In a time and age that is dominated by abbreviations, cool lingos and jargons, it should come as little surprise that eSports means Electronic Sports. Therefore, any kind of game that requires an electronic medium for its access, and that is used as a means of competition between several parties, can be regarded as eSports. In a nutshell, eSports is nothing but a sports tournament for electronic or video games. There was a time when people across several age groups would play these games for the sake of pure entertainment and leisure. However, as days bled into months and years, more and more people took to gaming as a serious affair and went on to make an impressive career out of it. Gaming is now considered as a full-fledged profession as much as any other job and makes for a lucrative vocational choice.

A discussion on eSports cannot ensue without having looked into some of the games that happen to be quite a rage in the tournaments. Mentioned below are a few games that you might already know of, that makes it to most of the eSports tournaments.

First-Person Shooter Events-

These types of games have been creating quite a stir in the air ever since their launch, so much so that the governing bodies of eSports too, could not keep their hands off them. These are mainly shooting games that take place in the first-person order, like Call of Duty, Apex Legends and Halo.

Multiplayer Online Battle Arena Events-

Also abbreviated as the MOBA events, these usually encompass games like League of Legends and Dota 2. These games are multiplayer battle arena video games and have been regarded as favorite choices among gamers when it comes to competing in the eSports.

Fighter Game Events-

Fighter game events including games like Mortal Kombat and Super Smash Bros are also much sought after by gamers given the kind of thrill they have to offer. Plus, the rewards that these games offer in the eSports tournaments are not something that you can brush under the rug. They make for a handsome amount, enough to nudge the gamers to indulge more in them.

Other Game Events-

Besides the ones that we have enumerated in this section, there are several other gaming events that involve sports games like Madden and NBA2K. Card games and real-time strategies also form their own chain of events that grab the attention of many gamers all around the world.

The Evolution of eSports:

Now that you know a bit about the various kinds of games that are included in the eSports tournaments, we shall now gear your attention towards the subsequent evolution of these tournaments so that you are able to have a holistic understanding of the topic at hand.

The 80s and the 90s-

The 1980s saw several companies rising to create records of massive video game scores. Twin Galaxies was one such company that scored high enough to be able to find a place in the Guinness Book of World Records. The 90s was a time when video games started achieving more structure, and developers of these games started coming up with better ideas to create engaging content for video games. Also, companies like Nintendo and Championship started being generous sponsors to several video game championships. These championships are what assumed more definite shapes and came to be known as eSports tournaments.


The Turn of the Millennium and Present Day-

eSports has risen to such a status that it has become as popular and famous as any other sporting event or tournament. The turn of the millennium saw some major international tournaments on the rise like the World Cyber Games and the Electronic Sports World Cup. The Major League Gaming tournament was launched in 2002, and it remains the largest eSports championship till date.

In a Nutshell:

eSports shall continue to grow in leaps and bounds. With several new games deluging the fore of gaming, and cutting-edge technology being used to develop the domain, eSports shows no signs of slowing down. It keeps growing with every passing day, and it requires little mention that it shall continue to serve the mushrooming market of gaming. The revenue of eSports is supposed to hit a whopping 1.5 billion by the end of the year, which only reinstates our faith in this area. Therefore, if you have a passion for gaming, maybe now is the time to turn the passion into a profession and take a leap of faith by participating in one or more eSports tournaments. You never know what jackpot you might hit!


Since the dawn of humankind, entertainment has existed in various shapes and forms. Even before languages came into existence and human beings learnt the art of communicating with each other through well-formed words, they knew how to while away their time and seek for means of recreation. Life without fun, games and sports, is futile and becomes stagnant. Entertainment, in whichever form it might be, is required for the growth and development of the world. It provides an escape from the familiar din of the cities and the mundane of our 9 to 5 jobs. In a nutshell, entertainment is a necessity of life.

Speaking of entertainment and the various forms in which it is available for human beings to pursue, gaming forms an entire industry in itself. We love playing games, and not just physical sports. Sitting within the comfort zones of one’s houses and playing our favorite games on the screen in front of us is a whole different experience altogether. Video games and gaming have a rich history; one that makes for a wonderful topic to pursue if you are even remotely interested in the domain. It might surprise you, but gaming has been around the corner as early as 1889. And over the decades, the area only assumed a better, technologically-advanced and a holistic shape. Therefore, in this vein, let us now trace the history and evolution of gaming, and look into a few tidbits about how to get started with gaming to unleash the latent gamer in you.

Gaming- A Brief History:

As we have already mentioned, gaming has been around as early as 1889, when Nintendo was founded, but it was only in 1952 when the first computer game of sorts came into being. A.S. Douglas, a British PhD scholar at the University of Cambridge, came up with the game Noughts and Crosses and ushered into the world something that would later become a phenomenon. Over the years, gaming assumed more structure, and with the arrival of the first computer language in 1964, there was no stopping to the fore of gaming.

Gaming History

The early 70s saw the first arcade games, which would later go on to become a raging affair in the world market. Children, teenagers and young adults would frequent places that would offer these arcade games. This leisure of playing arcade games and the other games that slowly came into being over the 70s and the 80s, gradually gave rise to a frenzy and more and more people, irrespective of their age, started turning to these games to bust their stress or escape from the redundancy of their lives. Gaming slowly became a hobby that people would take up and pursue.

The 90s were an exciting time in the domain of gaming. Games like Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, Doom and Warcraft began to emerge and sweep gamers off their feet. However, some of these games also caused a bit of an upheaval. Parents became more cautious and concerned about the violence depicted in some of these games like Doom and Mortal Kombat. Regulators of these games got involved in the middle and did what was necessary to tone down the violence and gore in the games. However, one must look at these controversies as a part of the development and the refinement of the domain of gaming. These minor impediments did not deter the spirit of the developers of these and several other developers. They rather, nudged them to do better and come up with games that would stand the test of time.

Evolution of Gaming- Integration of Fun and Cutting-Edge Technology:

Since the early 2000s, the structure of the gaming industry saw major tectonic shifts. Console gaming achieved a fresh new approach with the emergence of Xbox and PlayStations. Sony came up with the first PlayStation in 2000 and its competitor, Microsoft jumped into the game with its first Xbox in 2001. Sony and Microsoft, with their concept of the PlayStation and Xbox, revolutionized the domain of gaming and dialed up the game several notches. Ever since the introduction of the first Xbox and the PlayStation, Microsoft and Sony have been competing with each other and the latest PlayStation, that is, the PS5 is all set to be released this year.

Unleash the Latent Gamer In You with these Essentials:

Now that we have traversed through the various timelines of gaming, it might pique your interest to learn about a few points that you can adhere to if you are to bring the hidden gamer in you, to the fore. This section deals with the ways in which you can initiate yourself to the domain of gaming and carve a wonderful hobby out of it.

Work on Your Budget-

Even before you think of starting as a gamer, you need to work on your budget. You need to understand if you have the means to buy the gaming essentials that could help you have access to the games galore. There are several gaming gadgets and accessories that you can buy at low prices, but you need to do some research on that. This way, you will understand how much exactly you need to spend and can make arrangements for the necessary funds.

Understand the Kind of Games You Would Want to Play-


To be able to excel at being a gamer, you need to understand what your forte is. Some might be cut out for games like psychological thrillers and others might like to indulge more in games like soccer. Therefore, you must understand your niche and only then proceed to choose the right platform for playing these games.

Choose the Right Platform for the Games-

The final step to beginning your journey as a gamer is to choose the right platform for your preferred games. You must understand that not all games work seamlessly on all types of platforms. Choosing the right platforms is thus, integral and essential for the efficient functioning of the games. You need to make a call for yourself and see if what you have elected to play works better on your PC or your phone. You need to decide whether a console is the immediate requirement of the games or if your basic controls would suffice.

A Few Final Words:

Gaming, as an idea, was brought into the world to provide people with some fun and entertainment. It was meant to be taken up as a hobby. But, people have also taken the game (in all sense of the word) to different levels. There are courses offered at Universities that teach students to become successful game developers. There are eSports tournaments held every year and millions around the world make a successful living out of this fore. Therefore, gaming is now, no longer confined to being a hobby for one to pursue, but something that can carve incredible futures for interested people